Friday, June 13, 2014

100 word challenge

Tootoo “hurry up” someone yelled from a far. “man this is taking ages” I sobbed in the hot stuffy car. suddenly the cop came past I was terrified and i’m pretty sure  you would be too. He stopped at the window and Mum took a deep breath in and the cop stood there “ Ma'am I think you have to leave, the construction worker’s are working on a building and the water pipe has bursted and it’s blocked off sorry” he said in grief. “ohhh” Mum breathed out she was so glad she didn't do anything wrong.  So we took off home in a big rush and we were so disappointed that we couldn’t get some Mcdonalds 

My class has entered a competition called the 100 word challenge and you write a story based on a photo and here's mine 

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