Monday, June 30, 2014

Remember that time

Once I came home from school I was sitting there watching T V and I was bored so I wrote some poems about the seasons of the year and this is what I wrote...

next time I think I need to change the colour of the text
and the thing I did best is probably describing words...

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in my free time I found a website and you can animate a peace of text here mine

Cute Myspace Generators

Friday, June 27, 2014

Animate - The mysterious door

last week we wrote a story about a little white door (this is what the picture looks like) then we had to  show it but it had to be animated.

My story is about a little girl come home from school. She noticed a little door. Next to the door was a potion and she drinks it. Then she shrinks. Then she realise that she can fit in the door now, so she goes in. It was pitch black and after that it was a mystery. She was never to be seen again. 

Next time I think I should use more descriptive words.

I think I did good no my animated story.   

add detail to our creative writing to make it interesting to our reader

Thursday, June 26, 2014


This week week did some work with Mr Jay we did presentations about mataariki the whole class did a presentation but I did a prezi. I think I need to add a bit more information.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Nga Kupu o te wiki

Nearly ever week we have a red box and if you get caught say the kupu of the week you get a red caught be good and that go into the red box and on Friday at assembly 3 names get drawed out of the box and they spin the wheel of fortune and they win a prize
next time I need to change the colour of the text

here is the kupu of the week

100 word challenge

Tootoo “hurry up” someone yelled from a far. “man this is taking ages” I sobbed in the hot stuffy car. suddenly the cop came past I was terrified and i’m pretty sure  you would be too. He stopped at the window and Mum took a deep breath in and the cop stood there “ Ma'am I think you have to leave, the construction worker’s are working on a building and the water pipe has bursted and it’s blocked off sorry” he said in grief. “ohhh” Mum breathed out she was so glad she didn't do anything wrong.  So we took off home in a big rush and we were so disappointed that we couldn’t get some Mcdonalds 

My class has entered a competition called the 100 word challenge and you write a story based on a photo and here's mine 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Success Recount

You are going to write a descriptive recount, telling our audience about a time you were successful.  Don’t forget you need to…
  • put things in order
  • use describing words
  • give lots of detail to paint a picture in the readers head
  • start with something that was said or thought
  • use powerful verbs
Describe a time we were successful

“Woohoo we're finally here… Lonsdale park” I screamed “ I've always  wanted to go here”.   I went to my dorm skipping as happy as could be, I unpack my luggage with a huge grin on my face I made my bed and I boosted it to the hall.  We had briefing and went over all the rules and we introduce our self and then the fun began.  

To get the ball rolling Cathy my division manager announced “ this weekend we are making . . . poppet “  all the cadets cheer with excitement  “our poppets are based on what is important to me” Cathy announced, straight away I had a idea . . . Miss money blond curly hair, money tucks, gold top hat and gold eye’s. The next day I put my blood sweat and tears into making my poppet after all that hard efit it was all effit was finished and it looked just how I planned

The next day I put my uniform on as fast as the wind.  I boosted it into the hall we did parde  and after all of that it was time to receive our badge, I stood there tall and proud as handed me my badge.  I was so proud of myself because it was my first badge.

After all of that it was all over.  I packed all of my gear and waited for my ride.  I was proud of myself and I was exhausted. I was so overjoyed that it was over, at that point of time my ride was I picked up my luggage and I spent another hour in the car from Mitimiti to Kaikohe.  

The End . . .

Dvolover Moviemaker

we had to make a movie about the main thing in your school witch is hurt free and what might happen in school and what you can do to solve and what happen when you do.. here is my movie