Friday, May 9, 2014


WALT:recount an exciting event so that our reader knows what happened and how we felt.

“Get up Waimarama!” yelled mum “its time to march!”
"Give me five more minutes”  I replied in a sleepy voice.
"NO NOW!” Mum yelled in her grumpy voice.   Then I walked to my wardrobe like a hunched over old lady, I put my uniform on with my eyes half shut. I had a feed and off we went to the Kaikohe RSA.

A few minutes later we marched down to the memorial hall and then we had the dawn parade. I tell ya it was freezing.  After that I went to all these places In Northland with Air Training Corps (ATC) 25 squadron.  It was so fun, I enjoyed it because I tried something new and I really want to do it again

Then the day was all over and the sky was turning dark blue. I felt hot and sticky at that time I was half asleep we went to the unit then we had a meeting . I was pleased that it was all over “ whoo I can go home now“ I screamed with cheer.

I finally arrived at home I walk as slow as a snail I dropped on my bed like a sloth and straight away I was asleep. Mum yelled out I her soft tone “sweet dreams”.


  1. Good recount Waimarama. I love the way you have used dialogue to hook the reader in! Gosh I bet your whanau were proud of you, marching in the dawn parade. It sounds like you had a very long day!

    1. Thank you Miss Newton. When I got home my mum was proud of me, trust me it was a really long day any way thank you for you thoughtful comment.