Friday, May 30, 2014

Room 17's Assembly

On Wednesday my class room 17 had assembly we lodes of different we started of karakia and mihi
then to get the ball rolling we kicked of with Me and some
other girls.  with a punch of fun some boys and girls
did the bongos.  after that we did the normal thing like the wheel of fortune, yellow cards and red card
then we did house point and the best group won koura.  Ma Te Hira did her korero then we finshed
with karakia.                                                            

Friday, May 16, 2014


we had to write a BIO poem about myself and here is mine... 

SWAG, beautiful, cool
daughter of  Sarah and Brent and sister of Maria and Apirana
My eyes, My swag,
hanging out with my family,hang out with my friends, meeting with Ma Te Hira
heights, the dark, getting frites from my sibling  
being deputy head girl and being an ambassador
rid a dolphin

Friday, May 9, 2014


WALT:recount an exciting event so that our reader knows what happened and how we felt.

“Get up Waimarama!” yelled mum “its time to march!”
"Give me five more minutes”  I replied in a sleepy voice.
"NO NOW!” Mum yelled in her grumpy voice.   Then I walked to my wardrobe like a hunched over old lady, I put my uniform on with my eyes half shut. I had a feed and off we went to the Kaikohe RSA.

A few minutes later we marched down to the memorial hall and then we had the dawn parade. I tell ya it was freezing.  After that I went to all these places In Northland with Air Training Corps (ATC) 25 squadron.  It was so fun, I enjoyed it because I tried something new and I really want to do it again

Then the day was all over and the sky was turning dark blue. I felt hot and sticky at that time I was half asleep we went to the unit then we had a meeting . I was pleased that it was all over “ whoo I can go home now“ I screamed with cheer.

I finally arrived at home I walk as slow as a snail I dropped on my bed like a sloth and straight away I was asleep. Mum yelled out I her soft tone “sweet dreams”.